Beta Thym 180 tbl

Beta Thym 180 tbl


Like a 'Natural Cortisone'
Inflammation Reduction Without Drugs

The base formula of Beta-Thym™ was originally used as a cholesterol-lowering agent in the late 1950s by Merck and Company, beta-sitosterol soon found itself a following among those seeking a starting point for synthetic chemical steroids like cortisone.

Added to our formulation in the early 1980s, thymus extract and natural amino acid L-ornithine dramatically increased the effectiveness of this potent natural supplement.
Many returning customers attent to its ability to naturally curb inflammation (chronic itch,hot spots, arthritis, etc.) without the side-effects of steroids drugs or prescription animal NSAID's

Ingredients:   Beta-Sitosterol
Thymus Extract

200 mg. 
100 mg. 
200 mg.

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