Beata Chwalek-Hruswicki
Pharmacist and Nurse

I am Beata Chwalek-Hruswicki, a passionate healthcare professional with a background in pharmacy and nursing, based in Poland. My journey in healthcare has been guided by the timeless principle of "first do no harm" advocated by Hippocrates. Growing up in a family grappling with numerous health challenges, including my own, I developed a profound understanding of the significance of healthcare and its profound impact on individuals and families. Despite facing personal adversity, including paralysis over a decade ago, I have emerged as a resilient advocate for the well-being of others, channeling my experiences into a lifelong commitment to serve and promote healing and wellness.

Today, I am privileged to serve a diverse clientele of patients who entrust me with their health and well-being. Whether I am dispensing quality supplements, providing nursing care, or offering heartfelt guidance and support, I approach each interaction with empathy, compassion, and dedication. Walking alongside my patients on their healthcare journeys is a privilege I cherish deeply, and I am grateful for the opportunity to make a positive difference in their lives. Beyond my professional responsibilities, I am actively engaged in community initiatives aimed at promoting health and wellness for all, believing in the power of education, advocacy, and collaboration to effect meaningful change in the healthcare landscape.

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